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Edge Pro angle

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Does anyone have any "side shots" of the trem angle on the Edge pro. I recently got a RGT3120 and I'm finally getting around to setting it up properly this weekend. Any pics of a ballparked intonation allignment would be great too. I looked around on the Ibanez rules site but didn't find it.

thanks in advance! Any advice on setting up the edge pro and anything special about setting up a neck thru I should know would be appreciated.

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hi......as far as angle goes....on the side of your tremolo.you will see the little slot where the knife edge was pressed in.........make that parallel with your guitar body...........

advice for setting one up......rule of thumb is to change one string at a time...
if you want to remove all your strings.....take a pack of strings are something similar and lay it under the back of the tremolo....this will keep it stable and it also keeps it at about the same angle as its supposed to be....

when puting all new strings........over tune your g d a and low e string....and tune your high e and b string to pitch......which in turn should knock the rest of the strings to close to the correct pitch.......along those lines....pretty easy........then lock your nut down and fine tune from there...
...and stretch your strings comprehensively!

you want the body of your edge pro parallel with the body of the guitar.
Thanks so much for the help. That's exactly what i needed

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