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Hi all, my first post. Been using Jemsite for many many years.

I have a bit of an extreme mod, well imo its a pretty simple mod but will look unique.

I have a body available, but I want to check the post gap before purchasing. I can get hardened steel licensed FR trems, same specs, just had the soft metals replaced with hardened steel. But I need the post gap (middle first post to the neckt) to know if they will fit. If they dont fit I dont think any Floyd like trems will ie Gotoh. Could somebody please measure their post gap disyance for me? Much appreciated.

So this is a bit wild but Im trying to find a neck that will both fit the pocket of the s520 but will also make intonation at 25;5" scale. Holding a wizard neck side by side should tell if they will work, if the locking nut to the end of the fret overhang is the same and the heel is roughly the same length (if its a little wider etc I can make it fit with my tools).

Something like the Charvel made in the fender player series factory would be ideal. Had a 12-16" radius jumbo SS frets. 12-16" compound radius. I dont mind making a 12" Fender Strat neck fit either if the nut and overhang work out th same etc, but hard to do when I dont live anywhere near a shop that does supplies.
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