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I'm starting from the assumption that you want the trem parallel to the guitar top, when 'at rest'. [Am I wrong in that ?]

On an Edge (not Edge Zero), you adjust the spring reload to achieve this.

An Edge Zero, is rather different. The trem block rests against the XPS3 rod, and you adjust the spring preload to achieve this, fine tune the pressure between block and rod, to correctly 'zero'.

The problem, as such, is that when I do this, on some of my RGs (all with Edge Zeroes), some sit parallel, some don't. They all zero fine, and stay in tune; but not being parallel seems 'wrong'.

[I'm possibly being obsessive over this, but I have this suspicion there will be knock-on effects later, or such.]

So, is there a way of adjusting this 'zero' or 'resting' position ? Related to this, what could make it be out in the first place ?

[NB I'm confident I have a good understanding of the documented set-up procedure, and have the spring preload set correctly. Otherwise it wouldn't consistently zero and stay in tune.]
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