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Hello all,
I want to replace the V7/V8 humbuckers in my Ibanez Egen8.
Mahogony body/maple neck/rosewood fret
24 frets/25.5" scale
Edge III trem: floating
Strings: 10-52 (drop-D)
VOX Valvetronix VT20+ (tube-hybrid modeling) 8" speaker
Music I play: I play all three types about the same amount
-Metal (from Metallica to 'nu-metal')
-Eric Clapton style blues
-Very clean acoustic like chording
Problem with stock:
Gets muddy with high gain amp models. Lacks lows (has no balls), and the highs sound really ugly, like playing thru a cheap stereo. The amp isn't the best but I played with a better guitar and the problems go away. Also the guitar body is very thin so the tone sounds thin and sustain isn't very good.
What I want: (preferably Dimarzio)
A bridge pickup that has clearer highs while retaining enough bass to facilitate an EMG like "palm mute chug". Something like an Evolution is too sharp; too much lead, not enough power chord for me. Keep in mind my guitar body is very thin and it SOUNDS thin. Something that sounds like a JB would suffice.
A neck pickup that sounds warm, very smooth, and glassy when distorted. I typically play leads with the neck pickup b/c I love the smoothness even under very high gain. It also has to be excellent for clean open chording with good note seperation. (I hear the liquifier is good for that.)?
I'd like both to respond well to the volume knob so they clean up when I roll it down. Also I would like to retain the H-S-H with coil tap config on the EGEN8.
Please give me your advice on pickups; please no modifications to stock V's, theres already a thread for that. Thanks you.
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