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I've decided to sell my egnater TOL50 amplifier simply because it's going to be too large/loud for uni and I can't afford to keep it and not use it. This is a seriously sorted amplifier, which should accommodate the needs of most guitarists.
Specifications are as follows:

2 channels (footswitchable)
Gain boost that works on both channels (footswitchable)
50 watts from 2 EL34's
switchable down to 10 watts (standby switch is 3 way - 50watts/Standby/10 watts)
12AX7 pre amp tubes
EQ section shared across channels - bass, middle, treble, presence, density
Footswitchable reverb with level control
Series/parallel (switchable) effects loop with level control
Clean channel has 2 voicings (one fender-ey, one marshall-ey)
A bright switch for each channel
Slave output with a high/low switch
"Main speaker" and "ext. speaker" outputs
Switchable impedance (4,8 or 16 ohms)
Comes with original main footswitch and a homemade reverb footswitch

The clean channel ranges from sparkley fender clean through to a semi-breakup perfect for blues. The reverb is thick and sounds wonderful.
The 2nd channel without the boost engaged is a crunch, which could be used for rock rhythm or blues lead. Engage the gain boost and you get a good high-ish gain rock/metal sound. If you want even more gain, the amp responds really well to OD pedals.
This is a little soundclip I made a while back of the amp - channel 2 with a boss SD1 for a little boost

Other stuff:
These amps were designed by Bruce Egnater and made by Rocktron during the 80's and early 90's. The 100watt version was used by Vai around this period in his main touring rig (before production of the legacy)

Apologies for the crappy-ness...


PRICE: I would like to get around £550 but I'm open to offers
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