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EHX Electronic Metronome

Rate - Speed of tone
Tone - 2 selectable tones via switch. High/Low pitched.
Out - Output jack

I bought this metronome for a very specific reason: I wanted a metronome that I could gradually speed up and slow down without knowing the actual BPM. Why? Just an experiment. The EHX Electronic Metronome does this and is the only metronome I've found that does. However, it has some flaws.

First, the low pitched tone sounds like it could blow a studio monitor so I avoid that tone.

Second, only about 20% of the rate is usable as a metronome. The other 80% is too fast for anything music related and at 100% it almost produces a pure tone. While unique, it is not particularly useful for keeping time at a useful rate.

Overall, I can not recommend the EHX Electronic Metronome as metronome. However, it is a cool piece of gear from another era that could have creative potential when used with other gear.


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