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Electronics help needed

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Hi all, just wondered if there're any experts with electronics among us jemsiters.

I have an audio problem on a guitar where I'm getting a 4000Hz tone ringing through from a nearby invertor (this is a project of mine - don't ask, lol). So I want to know if I can filter out the 4KHz tone. After a bit of research I think I need a notch filter in the guitar that I can tune to the 4KHz tone to filter it out. I realise that this will affect the tone of the guitar but I figure that if it's a filter with quite a narrow focus (Q?) then it shouldn't be too bad. I was looking at a MF10CCWM capacitor filter - is this the right sort of thing? And if so, how do I wire it to get it to do what I want?
Any help appreciated.....
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I think working the cap filter into a small on-off stomp box is a better idea... then at least when your inverter is moved or turned off, you no-longer need to use the stomp and you dont have to un-mod the guitar...

not sure how successful this would be as a filter... but its a less fiddly option
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