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Eric Johnson - Bloom opinions?

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I did a quick search and didn't see much recent discussion about Eric's new album. I've been listening to it a bit lately and I feel two ways about it.

A. The songwriting: It's much better. There's not a track that I skip and several of them are legitimately interesting and catchy.

B. The guitar playing: It's not better. In fact it's worse. When I saw Eric live a few months ago, I told a friend that I thought he sounded much slower and sloppier than previously, and now I wonder if he is experiencing physical issues like arthritis. The playing seems much more conventional- lacking many of the wide intervalic cascading phrases he's known for. The dry production on his leads doesn't help.

All in all, I really like the new album as a composition, but I think it's a big dissapointment compared to Venus Isle for guitar playing.
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A friend of mine bought it and told he it was awful, I didn't believe him so he let me me borrow it.
At first I liked it until I really listened to it.
The song writing is TERRIBLE.
All the instrumentals are under 3 mins and don't go anywhere, and the vocal tracks are even worse. This album was definately not worth the 5 year wait.
Maybe he was too busy designing signature guitars, or looking for the right batteries or trying to not look like Ellen Degenerous to worry about writing better songs.
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