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Hi folks,

I've tried to post this question on the ESP forum but after an eternity they still haven't activated my damn account, I tried contacting ESP support and they haven't bothered to reply, so as usual its down to the collective brain power of good old Jemsite to come up with some sensible suggestions (I hope!).

I've got this ESP M-II, neck through, stunning guitar, so good I sold my 7VWH Jem. Anyway, its got a blister in the clear cote / satin lacquer on the side of the neck (not done by me), its only slight but its bugging me, it stands out as the guitar has such clean uncluttered lines. I'm tempted to rub the affected area back and re-lacquer it with an air brush, or use a solvent to remove the broken lacquer. However I'm not convinced that I'll be lucky enought to make the repair 'invisible'. Does anyone have any idea of what sort of lacquer I should be using? Any techniques I could try to get a professional result?

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