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This is a fantastic guitar for sure. Cause I concentrate on classics like tele and les paul, it could go to a good new home.
Mail me for pics!
Lacquer of the back of the neck professionally taken away for better playability and sound.
Pick Up-Rings beeing changed for better optics (originals come with it).
Coil-Splitting by Bernie.
Slightly shades on the unfinished fretboard, which accentuate the texture of the maple.
One small dong on the back of the body.
Elsewise as new.
Completely handbuilt by Bernie himself. One of his best and most expensive guitars.
Hugh Tone!!!
Incl. G & G High End Case, COA (Nr. One!) and "Case Candy"
1750 Euro + shipping or best offer.
Test it in Munich!
Best regards!
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