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eyes on UV's

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anyone know if you can buy these babies as some sort of sticker to put on your guitar?
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I dunno, seeing as it's an inlay. But maybe there is. Sorry I couldn't be of much help, seeing as I have vowed to never put stickers on a guitar. ;)
I think with a little photo shop action and some label paper, you could make your own on a computer. Best of luck!
i want a proper, good quality one though, all reflective and everything, i cant remembert the proper term. spectrum or something. apparently theres an english company that makes vynil ones
........ well, it is actually a piece of abalone shell with the black artwork etched into it, so a sticker isn't quite going to give the same effect - personally I agree with Kamikaze 1 about stickers - especially after peeling the gaffer tape zebra stripes off my '60 strat to discover that I now had a white and creme zebra striped vintage strat! (it was a respray though!)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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