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F/S 1988 Jem77fp

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Item for sale:1988 jem77fp

Description & Condition:8.5 of 10

Asking Price: $1400.00

My Location:NOR-Cal

Terms of Sale/Purchase: no international

Other Information:
good condition, not played much, has typical fading of hardware, no neck pocket cracks, clean. OHSC included, pink lined. schaller strap locks and purple strap included, original whammy bar, pick ups. has replaced pick up selector switch, original included. great guitar for an 88.
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I have been looking to buy a first year Jem 77FP.

I have a few questions regarding this guitar:
1) What is the exact year, i.e., serial number?
2) Any factory materials, i.e., warranty card, owner's manual, included with guitar?
3) Any modifications made to guitar? Is guitar 100% original?
4) What condition would you categorize this guitar in; Mint, Excellent, Average, Other?
5) Could you describe the condition in detail; finish, cracks, frets, electronics?
6) Pictures of the guitar's body -- front and back; the front and back of the neck; headstock; neck plate; tremolo system; also the guitar case


send to [email protected]
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