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F/S DP155 Dimarzio Tone Zone in Black

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Item for sale: Black Dimarzio Tone Zone.

Description & Condition: Installed in my guitar for 2 weeks. I'm going to EMG's because I like the way they sound in Drop-C tuning. I don't use this tuning very often, but the other guitarist in my band uses EMG's and in that tuning I think they cut the best. Oh well.

Asking Price: $40 Shipped in the Continental U.S.
My Location: Brooklyn N.Y.

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Would Rather Sell, but open to trades.

Other Information: EMail me at [email protected] If you're intrested. Thanks for your time.
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Yes, it is F-Spaced. I'm sorry I don't have a paypal account at the moment. If you're still intrested, it's yours. Just let me know.
going to have to pass on this ... somthing else came up...
Sorry for the late reply, I've been a little busy. I'm really looking for an EMG trade, or cash. Sorry man.
Still available.

$35 Shipped in the ConUS
Sold to Rich.
I sent it today, let me know when you get it.
Thanks again,
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