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Don`t ask me why, i don`t know, really, but i need to sell my Meathead. One year of waiting and lost sleep, but here i am with it for sale. It`s too much of an amp for me, i mean this is the ultimate versatile head available today. I know i will regret this. Need the $$$ too.

OK here goes as far as specs go:
-Custom white headshell.
-Custom red anodized front and rear panels.
-Custom red LED
-Custom white chicken head knobs.
-Custom LED`s for each function switch on the front.
-Currently running E34L`s and 6550`s.
-Has a little mod from stock (Completely reversible), a ressistor on the negative feedback loop to give more of an open feel, less compressed. 5 minute job to undo.

I have over $5400 in this amp. It has more some features witch where extra $$$.And believe me, this thing sounds awesome, cleans are just fantastic, has an acoustic type tone on the L voicing, just crazy. I go on and on about all it`s tones, but i`d run out of space, so much to be had with this amp.

So i`m putting a firm price of $5000 with zero waiting time to get it. I have the original shipping box. Plus you have on hell of a customer service available, Mike is just great to deal with.

Might consider some trades?

Here are the pics:



Burning in at Mike`s place a little while ago

Evil shot

I still can`t believe i`m doing this. Don`t hesitate to contact me for more pics or info.


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