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Originally Posted by MicJustMic
Technically, you never really need F-spaced pups.

Cosmetically they look better because the poles line up, but in my own testing, both with meters and with my ears, I've found you don't get any better balance with the strings than with a regular spaced pickup.

Even with the regular spaced, the string falls well within the magnetic field of the pole, and the string disrupts the field in the exact same way when it's vibrating as with the F-spaced pup.

It just looks better having the pole right under the string . . . that's about the only benefit. If you are buying pups, go for the F-spaced, they cost the same, but if you already have regular spaced, don't fret (pun not intended), you're not losing anything by using it.



yep, he is right, f-spacing isn't nessicary, it doesn't affect your sound , i have played with non f-spaced pickups in an ibanez and then had f-spaced in the same ibanez later and there was no difference in sound quality
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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