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Fall of Democracy
Written by Ava

Band plays Musical instrument Membranophone Jeans Microphone

Fellow guitar blogger GuitarMx posts the long-awaited Guns N' Roses album (15 years in the making!) Chinese Democracy, has flopped big time! The album debuted at #3 (it looks like even Ms. Britney Spears herself is going to debut higher!) and only sold 261,000 copies in the US during its first week.

GuitarMx (and Musicradar.com, no less) says there are many reasons that the album flopped. Axl took too long to get the album out, there was not enough promotion, and it wasn't the same Guns N' Roses we all know and love, just to name a few.

(Slash didn't appear on the album! Where's Slash? The guy scares me to death, but there's no Guns N' Roses without Slash and we all know it!!!)

And I guess that Free Dr. Pepper for Guns N' Roses promotion Zack mentioned on his Guitar Vibe site didn't help any either...

You were supposed to log in to the Dr.Pepper.com site a while back to get a coupon for a free Dr. Pepper IF GNR released their album, of course. And they did! But it flopped...

Zack says Axl probably found the promotion really funny. Then again, who knows what goes in the mind of someone like Axl Rose. It did take him 15 long years to get that album out. Unfortunately, it looks like it wasn't worth it. Too bad.
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