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I'm looking to get an Ibanez non AANJ neck, either a reverse headstock or a lefty. Will need to be a floyd rose friendly neck, although hardware is not needed but appretiated. Black, chrome whatever, but no gold. Not concerned about whether it is an S or RG series.

I have a Mex Fender Strat neck to offer. It has a gold 1946 to 1996 50 Years Of Excellence stamp on the back of the headstock. It is in very good shape aside from 2 small blemishes on the headstock.

I really don't expect a high end Ibanez neck for this but if anyone is generous, i wouldn't mind a Jem neck with a green vine inlay. HAHAHA.

Seriously though, i would sacrifice the body as well if needed. It has been stripped (still needs some sanding) but the black paint is still in the cavity.

Will get pics to e-mail in a couple days to anyone interested it the trade.

Hook a brother up.

[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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