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Finally choosing an amp...

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I have recently joined a band and all I have in the way of amps is my little Fender combo practice amp, whick obviously won't cut it for gigging.

I would apreciate recommendations. My budget is around $700, and I can maybe push it a little higher, but not much, so try to consider that the limit.

There all already several "which amp" topics on the forum, which I have read and I have narrowed down my choices.

I play metal, shred, and hard rock, so a good distortion is a must. I use EMGs in a Jackson DK2.

I want either:

A pre-amp/poweramp rack style setup, with ADA MP-1/2 Pre-amp (or something, I don't know many pre-amps) and a good power amp to drive a 2x12 cab for gigs.


A good 212 combo:

Randall RM80
Peavey 5150
Peavey XXX
Mesa Nomad

or something similiar to the above within my price range. I don't rely so much on brand name so any other brand suggestions would be welcome.

Also any half stacks similiar to the above.

I really have been looking at the 5150. Do you think I can find a 2x12 5150 combo in this price range? How about Laneys in this range. I would prefer tubes, but how do you guys feel about say, a Randall RH-100, which is solid state and easily in my price range? I would love a tube amp but I by no means insist on it.

Thanks for any advice on the above, and if you know of any other good amps I should look at let me know.
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yeah you should be able to find a 5150 combo for under 700 shipped to you .

here is a new scratch and dent 5150(well 6505 but they are the exact same thing) for 779


(just take out the dash)

musici-ansfriend has the peavey xxx super 40 efx 1x12 combo on sale for 499 . There is also a guy trying to sell his triple x 2x12 combo on another fourm i am a member of . I'd be more than happy to get you the guys e-mail so you could see about working out a deal.

5150 combos on the bay now
Here is a pretty good buy on an xxx 2x12

Like i said there is a guy trying to sell his xx 2x12 combo om another forum and I'll get you all his info so you can get in touch with him if you'd like .
just pm me
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You can get a 2x12 Mesa Nomad 55 for $800-900 on ****, maybe cheaper but they usually run around that.

Peaveys will be cheaper, so decide what sound you want.
Mesa will last longer on the road with you bro, but the amps you listed are all good for what you wanted & will be ok if you look after them. look out for moisture! it will screw up any amp, so get a cover for your amp if possible in the deal.

goodluck bro!- Jake
Thanks guys. Does anyone have a link to a good survival guide for tube amps, I haven't ever owned one so I don't know how not to get shocked, (getting the electricity out of the caps after I turn it off etc.). I do know a little about pre-amp tubes and power amp tubes and biasing, the technical stuff, but maybe a guide to keeping the amp alive when gigging and using power attenuation?
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