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finding an old friend .mr.fred

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well, i orded a fred and it got here today . I had a fred a few years ago and was unhappy with it . For one my main source of distortion was a line 6 pod and i was playing metal style stuff. I now have better gear and i play more solo based instrumental rock . I liked the way it sounded back when i had it the first time but it didn't have enough power to push along the heavieness i wanted . well i was stupid and didn't bother to think that maybe i just wasn't getting good gain .

Re-installing this pickup, i find out just how stupid i was . I love it. The sound is everthing i have wanted since i started playing insturmental . I am not trying to be a satch clone, this pickup is extermly versital and can do much more than the classic satriani sound .

This thing rocks in dual sound mode . It sounds like a wah got stuck in the middle position . I am extermly happy with this pickup and can say that i will use it heavily from now on .

I will have some clips soon , so if you would like to hear the fred pm me with your e-mail address and as soon as i get some stuff recorded with it i will send it out .
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Yeh I agree. Even though its not as powerful as some others, it stays articulate, and you can always boost it if you want more gain. Through digital sims it could be any pickup, but through tube amps, some incredible sounds and harmonics come out. Good choice and have fun!
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