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First Guitar

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What was your first guitar you ever gotten? . i had a epiphone gibson jr. model
but then it broke.
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Mine was an Aria STG strat-copy...it's currently being customized into a bright orange "LagerCaster" :)
Mine was a Vantage Les Paul copy with a pointy-ish headstock. It felt like I was wearing the front door on my shoulder. I never really learned how to play it. It was just too heavy.

a maton strat copy, serial number 006. chances are australian members will know the name maton.

was a generic asian body with a hand-crafted maton neck. still have it for sentimental reasons, but frets are worn to buggery.

that poor guitar had to cope with everything from buddy holly to satriani.
A black Encore 3/4 size strat copy. Didn't last me too long.
dave you don't have your first guitar you ever owned?
yes.. it's the only 6-string electric I currently own. It's in the guitars section of my site.
DavejWeiner said:
yes.. it's the only 6-string electric I currently own. It's in the guitars section of my site.
What's your first 7 string, then?
my first 7 was a black and green UV. I dont have it anymore.
DavejWeiner said:
Mine is the only 6-string electric I own. www.daveweiner.com/guitars.html
That is almost identical to my first proper electric.

Mine was the maple fretboard earlier version with the gold hardware. It was an excellent guitar but i was really into Iron Maiden at the time and humbuckers so i part exchanged it for a mettalic red Ibanez Destroyer II which was a suoerb guitar.:)
Hondo les paul copy..it had a humbucker in ther neck and a single yeah// fun
Strat copy, broke trem twice on it ;).


A 1989 Charvel custom from the Texas shop, back when Wayne was still building guitars with his namesake company. Rosewood fingerboard, three piece maple neck, toothpaste logo, flamed maple top in a color called "amber sunburst" (orange on the outside, yellow as it gets into the center of the face).

Funny thing is... it's a good 'ol, hand made in the USA guitar... and it's fragile as hell. Something always breaks, strips, or fails on the guitar... I don't play it much now. My Ibanez's have withstood beatings no guitar should take and always come out unscathed. A USA Custom Charvel, handmade... can't keep its act together. If it weren't my first good guitar, I'd have sold it years ago. Sentimental value and all... ya know?

Aria Pro II Night Warrior. a super Strat copy that was long ago traded. nice guitar and looked pretty cool at the time.
i still own the first guitar i bought myself: '88 Charvel model 4. she was given a complete makeover and plays like new now - so sweet and HEAVY! damn thing weighs more than my Explorer. she was like $650 or $700 when she was new so it took me a whole summer to save up for her.
Mine was an old Stagg Les Paul copy, with that classic sunburst finish and everything, circa... 1970s? I'm not sure, but someone lent it to me for free so I started to play electric. Before that I only played classical and acoustic, on a nice sounding Framus that I still have. Now I play a 1991 77FP that is my first "real" guitar.
Mine was an Epiphone/Gibson Strat copy.... pretty sh#tty, when I removed the back cover, I realized it was made of several layers of wood, the bridge block wasn't metallic, but made of a thing called antimonium, the pickups were made of a magnetic bar wrapped in copper wire, the tremolo arm falls just like that (I must confess my brother messed it up..... imitating Steve); I still keep it, it costed me my Xmas bonus check then (1989), I was a teacher assistant.... so, no big bucks for a 1st timer guitar, fortunately today, the Epiphone standards are much higher than they were those days, even true Gibson pickups in their guitars.
My first real electric was an aria pro 2 rs knight warrior its a pretty decent guitar i really like the kahler trem its got. Its pretty heavy but plays well. Although i prefer my rg over it.
My first electric was a 200$ Washburn Lyon!! Don't have it anymore, but still holds a subtle place in my heart. After that I bought an RG270, and been an Ibanez nut ever since!!
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