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After 15 years of playing, I've gone and done the worst thing I could do. Buy a bunch or pedals of varying quality/price points and build a board, knowing from the get-go I do not actually have a decent platform (Amp or VST type thing) ready for good results.

I've have a copy of Ableton Live and loaded the Exploration (Full Copy Beta Experience) version of BIAS Desktop as my amp sim. I'm trying to keep my amp options the same until I dial down some of these pedals I own but I just get the feeling that every time I pick up my guitar the whole sound changed. I have a hard time keeping gain down regardless of which guitar or amp sim I use, even my coil tapped fender strat just wants to break up my clean tone which is killing my ambient guitar dreams. I have two TC pedals with the buffers on, unsure if this might cause the break-up, because I didn't necessarily have an issue with signal loss to begin with, just figured it was smart to have em' on.

Maybe I'm suffering hearing loss, or my AKG 240 phones are on their last leg. More than likely I don't know what I'm doing but would appreciate any "Fixes" you guys could suggest.

FX Chain: Fender Strat > EBJR Volume > Black Arts Fuzz(off) > Black Arts OD(off) > Pedal Looper Send (Buffered) > TC Flashback > TC Hall of Fame > Walrus Descent > Pedal Looper Return > Catalinbread Tape Delay > Mowery Digital Verb > Homemade Chorus (off) > Fairfield Compressor > Mackie Onyx interface > Ableton Live

All power supplies are isolated, no ground loops. Any ideas?

Thanks Jemmers!
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