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I have a bunch of necks and bodies for sale. Downsizing like everyone else.
No trades. All prices are shipped/paypalled via ups or usps. Feel free to request more pics or info by pm or email @ [email protected]. **** id is shesky60462 and is 100%.

Next is a Japanese jackson neck off a dr6 with the amazing flame maple figuring. You can search high and low and not find another one like this. It does not have a floyd shelf and has a regular nut making it even more rare. The thinnest neck I have ever played, perfect for shredders. Some fret wear on the first couple of frets but plenty of life left as the frets are large. 8 out of 10. This will not fit strat bodies so keep that in mind. Comes with jackson satin nickel tuners. $235


Next is a custom 1 piece musickraft strat neck. Tons of birdeyes and heavy figuring on this one. I honestly don't remember the specs but feels a bit thicker than a regular strat neck to me. It has been finished by me with tru-oil. I applied the fender decal and clear coated over it. It would be difficult to remove at this point. The finish is pretty good and can always be "tweaked" to your liking by adding more oil. 9 out of 10 or better. Sperzel locking tuners included.
No discernible fret wear.


Finally a loaded strat body. I bought this off ****, found a cheap pickguard and threw some duncan sl's in there. I can't remember exactly which ones. The tremolo does not come with a bar and am unsure if works correctly. It had some scratches/chips on the metal from the original owner installing it. Definitely the weakest point of this body. The springs are so tight, I have been using it as a hardtail with good tuning stability. Finish is professional and is a raspberry color over ash. 9 out of 10. Don't know who originally made it/finished it but it's beautiful. A white back plate is included but it does not match up with the tremolohttp://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y97/shesky/Picture134.jpg perfectly. This is a another bolt on a neck and your good to go loaded body. Also included dunlop strap pins but not the inserts.


Thanks for looking!!
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