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Flextone 2 has just gone wierd

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So it goes on all good, but about 15 seconds in it just makes the most awful sound in the world, it sounds like a huge massive loud BUZZ mixed with just super bassy MMMMMMM and just more awful sounding sounds..and i have to turn it off to shut it up, my master volume and volume knob could be turned all the way but the sound still goes and is as loud as if you cranked the amp all the way to 10!!!

It went all wacky while i was jammin, it was all fine for about 3 hours, then we were in a middle of a song and it just did that awful loud sound, and that was yesterday. please HELP!! (my amp was only at 5 when it happened, and the channel volume is only arounnd 7)
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not to be a smart ass but it is a line 6 . I knew a guy that had a flex tone and after a while of playing it would just cut out due to overheating . I'd imagin that you overheated something and it is fried.

If you get desperate enough you may open it up and just see if you can see anything visably burned or any wires that look fried . Other than that the amp is a modeler so finding the problem and getting it fixed wont be easy or cheap . It could be somthing simple but again it could be much more complicated . I'd be saving to get me a another amp though.
Yea, thats what i was thinkin, its like a super complicated computer in there, so i won't mess with it, I'll see how much it is to get repaired if it costs over a couple hundred ill just get another amp probably. I do use it over 4 hours + everyday and when i was jammin it was louder then ussually for a long period of time...this sucks lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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