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Hey Guys,

My name is Ben, I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Been playing for over 15 years, self-taught by ear, and still trying to become a rock-star :)

I love Ibanez guitars, my first guitar was a Ibanez RG120.

Here are some pics/specs of my current Setup. I tend to be very frugal with the money I spend on music gear (hence the amount of Peavey and other "cheap" gear) :)


2001 Ibanez RG320 (made in Cort Factory, Korea)
- Gotoh GE1996t Bridge (33mm Brass Block)
- Gotoh GHL-1 Nut (43mm, through neck, 400mm radius)
- V7 Neck humbucker with Ceramic-8 Magnet (got the idea from LonePhantom :))
- V8 Bridge humbucker w/ AlNiCo-8 Magnet (got the idea from LonePhantom :))
- New 500k-B Volume pot w/ 440pf Cap.
- New 500k-A Tone pot with .022uf Cap.

Ibanez RGT6EXFX Neck Through *project guitar*
New parts to install:
- Gotoh GTC101 bridge (Black)
- TusqXL graphite nut
- GraphTech Classic saddles (Black)
- Sperzel Trim-Lok tuners (Black)
- Mighty Mite metal rings (Black)
- EMG 81/85 w/ 18v Mod
- New hardware all around
- Will be stripped to bare wood, and refinished with Transparent Black aniline dye and clear semi-gloss poly coated

B.C. Rich Bich 10 Neck Through
- Rockfield Mafia Humbuckers
- Schaller 456 Bridge
- Planet Waves Locking tuners

Amps & Other Gear

Bugera TriRec 100w Tube Head: - all tubes replaced
(2) Tung Sol 6L6 GC-STR (re-issue, matched set)
(2) Tung Sol EL34b (re-issue, matched set)
(2) Tung Sol 12AX7 (gold-pins, used in V1 and V5 pre-amp positions)
(2) Tung Sol 5U4GB (NOS, matched set, same mfg/date code)
(3) Shuguang 12AX7B's (used in V2, V3, and V4 pre-amp positions)

Peavey 412MS Cab - loaded with Sheffield 1290s
Peavey Transtube Special 212 - loaded with Sheffield 1230s. My first amp - floor model I bought used from GC over 13 years ago, and still sounds great!
Peavey XR696f PA - 8ch./1200w PA (for Live shows)
(3) Peavey 1210 HS Monitors - for Live shows
Tascam DP01 FX/CD - Digital 8-Track Portastudio
Behringer MS40 Monitors
Lenovo T61 Laptop
AKAI LPK25 Keyboard and LPD8 Pads (used with Reason)
Roland SP-808ex

- Digitech RP355
- Electro Harmonix Metal Muff
- Guyatone FLIP Metal Monster
- Guyatone FLIP Compressor
- Boss RC-20XL Loop Station
- Boss HR-2 Harmonist
- Boss PS-5 Super Shifter
- Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
- Boss TU-3 Tuner
- BBE Opto Stomp
- Dunlop 535q Wah

I look forward to posting some reviews, contributing positively, and learning more DIY mods from Jemsite!
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