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For Free: Washburn Dime 333 Project Must Pick Up

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Item for Free: Washburn Dime 333 Project Guitar

Description & Condition: The finish is a little beat up. The major problem is that it needs a new fretboard. I bought it off of **** and the seller said that the frets were perfect and almost new. When I got the guitar, the frets looked to have been replaced recently, but it was a horrible job. The fretboard was pitted from when the old frets were removed, the frets were not level or seated completely, and the guitar was completely unplayable. I was even able to lift a few of the frets by placing my fingernail under the edge and they just popped out. I removed the entire fretboard and tried to install a new one, but I didn't do a good job. The one that I tried to put on should be removed and replaced. I have just given up on this project so I am getting rid of it. The guitar includes all hardware and a hard case. The hardware is in really good shape, but the case has seen better days.

Asking Price: Free, you just have to pick it up in Lakeland, Florida.

My Location: Lakeland, Florida

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I will not ship this so don't ask. You must pick this up. Email me and we can arrange a place and time to meet. I am offering this up for free. My next step is to throw it away. I just thought that someone might be interested in it.

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Hmm now I wish I lived in Florida :) Good luck, it would be a waste to throw it away...
damn dont throw it away, i wish i lived in florida and i wish you shipped lol
Item has been received. Thanks!

Please lock.
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