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Sorry about the messy nature of this advertisement - two of my previous posts seem not to have worked, and it won't allow to edit the post above, so I'll try again here.

I have a 1991 candy apple red RG565 that I am looking to sell due to lack of use. Basically it's been in its case for many many years as I now play drums (I feel almost guilty saying that here!)

I've had this guitar since new and it's in excellent condition apart from wear on the top half of the maple fret board, and the metal plate that's at the bottom of the neck. Everything is 100% original.

It comes with a hard case, original instruction booklet, tools, and a red locking guitar strap.

I am in Tasmania, Australia, but would consider shipping overseas at buyer's expense.

Price is US$1200.

I'll try again to put some photos below, but if that doesn't work, I can email them to you.

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