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Item for sale:Hey guys.. I'd like to trade my RG 550 Maple board AANJ, 1998 for a Fender guitar.. Either a jap or US model. I don't care how beat up it is as long as it's got good pickups, neck, etc..

Description & Condition:
Body has a big 1.5" ding on the bottom near jack.. Has some other dings, but nothing huge or terrible. It's got a great maple neck that is almost perfect. Frets are perfect, Edge bridge is perfect and it stays in tune well. I'm just wanting a fender for some bluesy stuff I want to do without a trem..
No hard case.. Just gig bag.. Has a Tone Zone in the bridge.. and I will throw in a Duncan Distortion too which is also an F Spaced Bridge model pickup!

I will start at 500 bucks.. because I'd really rather trade..

My Location:Indiana...

Terms of Sale/Purchase: You pay shipping and or we agree in advance..

Other Information:
Just ask.. I'll be glad to send pics if you want. I have access to a digital camera..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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