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I paid $115 for this thing used at a local music store. Bought it for my daughter to track on her own. She recorded this song. I pulled a short clip from it. It uses a CF card for storage, so it's easy to transfer the WAV fiels to your computer and edit them there. I imported them into Cubase for this.
It's a pretty cool little unit for anyone thinking of a small multi tracker.


Product Features

* 8 tracks recording & playback
* 128MB CF Included!
* No menus to navigate; Knob/Button for each function
* Full Timecode Capability Inc. 30df and Jam Sync.
* On-Board Effects including:
- Reverbs (very nice)
- Delays
- Guitar FX
- Amp Simulator (stinks)
- Mic Simulator (works great)
- Mastering
* USB Port
* .WAV import/export
* Archiving
* 2 XLR Mic Inputs
* 2 Guitar Inputs
* S/PDIF Digital Output
* Built-In Microphone
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