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Good afternoon everyone. Long time lurker here, and I hate this to be my first post. Also I want to apologize beforehand in case this is the wrong topic :).
In a nutsell, I (from Spain) purchased a guitar from a AFAIK trustworthy private seller three months ago. Sadly, I have to report it as missing/stolen from the depot on its way from Annecy (France) to Madrid (Spain).
Is not really the carrier's intention (GLS) to pay me for what is worth ( I will manage that, if necessary, judicially though), even when they know the guitar never was in transit (to add insult to the injury, the delivery man has been fired since the event took place).
Keep in mind I was the one who ordered the pick up (my mistake), so it's my responsability to deal with the carrier in order to get the guitar or a compensation.
I keep track of guitars that pop up on marketplaces such as ebay, Facebook Groups and marketplace, wallapop (SP) and leboncoin (FR), but I have no way to figure out if the guitar was sold locally (most likely around the Annecy area, but you never know, since the headquarters is in Toulouse...)
It's an Ibanez RG550 Laser Blue, and the serial is F019513.
Also, I would really appreciate if someone reads it and spread the word around the french-speaking music marketplace, since I don't speak a word of french.
Thanks everyone for your time.


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