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Hii Guys am frm India i have 2Electric Guitars 1s Custom made Joe Satriani 1200 Series and another 1s Custom made Jackson Dinky Both Guitars r 2Way FloydRose System with Rosewood Fingerboard.I plays Hard Rock and Metal and Instrumental Rock like Joe Satriani wen i play Chord s and Riff s i feel comfortable.. if i Start playing Solo s am finding difficulty to play bcoz of ma Fret Spacing an Fingerboard Radius. i use lot of Legatos,string bending,Sweep pickings,Dive bomb technique... i ve Know idea abt dis Fretboard Radius .. now am planing to Change ma Both Guitar Neck s an Fingerboard i badly Need some Professional Help .. 1of ma Frnd told me to put Ebony Fingerboard...
What s compound radius neck :?:
Which s the Best Radius For me :?:
Which 1 s best Rosewood or Ebony :?: im all confused :confused: plz Some 1 Help me with Good Description .. as soon as possible

Thank s in adv Cheers \m/ 8)
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