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Hi - didn't know where to post this but I recently got my copy of FL Studio v 5.0.2 and have my drum kit set up. I'm facing a number of problems ~

1. I want a mix tempo within the drum loop. What I mean is, the first few beats need to be lets say at a tempo of 90, but I want my last few beats to be at a tempo of lets say, 150 or as a time signature, 4 bars and maybe 6 beats? How can I configure the drumming so it has different speeds in different parts of one pattern? (is that confusing? I can't word things very good.)

2. Lets say I have a steady beat going, but for the last bar I want to add a double bass kick/roll? Do I need a new pattern for it? Because what's in my head now is to import each section of drumming into a recording program, then placing the drums in the correct order/place? Is there an easier way or is there actually a way of doing it in FL?

3. There's more but I can't think right now - I'll try and edit this.

Any ideas, if you can help - many thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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