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First year S540 in Desert Sun Yellow - very conservative 8.5/10, largely unplayed condition, with hard to find original backstop tremsetter system (even has the label on the trem) - includes original trem bar

$450 shipped and PP'd to continental US w/o case or $475 to con US w/ non-original chipboard case.

The good:
- Color is in excellent, unfaded condition - very tennis-ballish and vibrant - holy cow yellow!
- Hardware is all chrome with trem, knobs, tuners, all in very good to excellent shape
- H/S/S pickup config, all original IBZ USA pickups also in excellent condition
- Frets in very good to excellent condition with lots and lots of life left

Looks, plays, and sounds great - a classic

The less good/not-so-bad
- Typical stress cracks on the neck at the locking bolts - one looks to have been glued - it's no "Rich invisible repair" job but there is ZERO movement, and it is completely stable. Doesn't affect tuning or playability at all.
- Typical neck joint finish cracks - 3/4 in. on bass side and 1/4 in. on treble side
- one minor finish impact on butt of bass side body edge - there's not even an indentation in the paint, much less any chips, it's just slightly cracked in the poly finish
- one minor ding in black paint on tip of headstock

More pics here
http://s1091.photobucket.com/albums/i396/ShredFever/1987 S540DY/
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