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FS: 1987 VM1 Star 4 Vinnie Moore model in white w/HSC

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This is from my "keep forever" collection that is now up for grabs due to changing life conditions. The guitar is in good shape with some chips around the edges and at the neck pocket, but the neck, frets and hardware are all in fine shape. The guitar looks great but a picky collector type would probably find reason to whine about the condition so I would prefer to find a buyer interested in actually playing it instead of tucking it away. It has a Honduran Mahogany body, Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard, 2 DiMarzio Double Whammy pickups with a master volume and tone setup. Both control pots pull for coil splitting, and the guitar really sounds great. It also has Sperzel locking tuners and the Edge II that I believe was only used on this model (no locking at he bridge). I kept this guitar due to its awesome tone and playability, but must now let it go and I thought I'd offer it here first. It comes in a tolex Ibanez case and I'm looking for $600 shipped and insured in the U.S., but will entertain any offers for a cash sale - no trade offers please!!. I will consider overseas shipping on an idividual basis. Email me for pics or with any questions. Peace.

Chris @ 612-703-3990
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I would like to see some pics.
You can send them to:
[email protected]

I hope someone who really loves that guitar (like me) grab this wonder

good luck !
SOLD! Thanks Dave (again!).
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