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G'day scredders & scredderettés.(combined introduction/seeking advice/selling?)
A few decades ago this man used 2 play his guitars daily. Butt! Started my own company, got married, had kids & went busy.
Now my body is worn down, from thousands of hours of manual labour, handling heavy machinery in overkill M.O. 4 way to long.
Long story short. Selling the house, the shop, and everything in it.
As iI'm cleaning out my server room, I dug out a 1988 Jem77 FP In Gigbag. Made In Japan - S/N 883347. I almost forgot 'bout it!:surprise:
As I'm probably never gonna play guitar again, due to heavy arthritis/Secondary Raynaud's in Hands/Fingers/joints ect. :sad2:
I wish to have some qualified opnions on pricing as I wish to offer it up for sale.
It havent been played for a while :eek:) Been in storage for the better part of the last 20 years.
I gave it a clean, sat it up with a new set of DD 10's
(In 2000 I left a Fastfret kit an a set of tenna's in the bag, 4 the future!,o))
Fired it up with a tiny, entry level pignose i the garage: Plays and sounds great!/4 what my hands/fingas could manage.
Owned since 1996 as I traded* for it at a local guitarshop in Denmark.
*(A black 1994 40th anniv.USA Fender strat/mod SH-4 JB HB in the rear w. B/W spider Pickguard & a spanking new 1996 BOSS GT5 Board) So I guess i really wanted it, despite the battered & abused first impresssion**. Hence in those days Signature guitars like SV Jem's,JS100, Hetfield, Hammet, Mustaine, Dimebag ect. Did not come around very often in this little city in this tiny country.
And the interwebs was just starting out. So I went all in, on it.
I must have played it everyday 97-2000/1... recall a single gig in 97.
**It had the exact same look/nick's n bumb's when I bought it & I never stop wondering who would handle such a fine instrument leaving it in this condition after 7 years? Maybe stevie Himself who knows? :eek:), as it didn't made sense back then, and still don't.Anyway it plays, tune's n sound great.
NB. Right before storing it away, I soldered a loose connection, and somehow left two of the Backplate Cavity Covers in a different place? I know they are in the house somewhere, as i've seen them a few times over the years, & I will find them! But for now/they are not included/In need of new set. ..

NB. I found this fella apperantly operating from the UK sellmyjem.com Any advice on his enterprize?
Or maybe this bad boy can hatch a new owner in here..? If so. Will setup paypal & educate myself on the details in int.shipping. :nerd:
High res Pictures can be found here: since it's my 1st post. why2k19.imgbb.com/

More specific pics pr request.

TX in advance & Best regards from Denmark :grin2:

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Hey Bud! Some great info in the FP, one of the Mods here will likely ask that you post an asking price on a sale here (one of the forum rules). I help run SellMyJem and we have many hundreds of testimonials on our google/Facebook/website And have been operating for the best part of 5 years bringing Jem lovers together, do feel free to get in touch and happy to make an offer.

Have a lovely week!

Hi Rex. Tx 4 the reply. I've entered the required info on sellmyjem.com asking $2K which is fairly about the amount of dough i shelled out for it, back in the day.
Will look 2 edit my original post including asking price.
Have a nice weekend
Best regards from Denmark

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Rex at sellmyjem is a re-seller so you'll almost certainly get a lower price for it than if you stick on Reverb or eBay yourself.

What you would get is a quick and easy sale, but with that lower price as Rex needs to resell it and make a profit over what you sell it to him for.

Look at the other examples on the net and see what it might be worth and then decide if the ease of selling to Rex is worth the difference. And be prepared to see it on the net for a few hundred over what you made a few days later ;)

Rex has been in business for quite a long while so that should tell you something about his reliability.

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As Rex is a business he has no business posting business in the classified without being a paid registered vendor for this site. But let's not let protocol stop anything.

A dead mint 88' would be worth $5000. First year Florals all demand a premium and a beat up POS would sell for $2000. If yours is better it's worth far more.
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