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1991 Ibanez JEM77 Blue Floral Pattern. This is the end game guitar for Ibanez nerds, like myself, who prefer maple fretboards. The body has your typical wear/tear, dents and dings. The neck has some wear in it, but there is no structural damage to the body or neck. It plays great.

All the pictures can be found at this link here:

- Comes in Ibanez Prestige/J-Craft case for square heel guitars
- Original pickups and hardware. Strap buttons are changed, original ones are included (at least I think they're original).
- Stock 5 way switch, All Parts 500k Push/Push pot Volume Pot, CTS 500k Tone Pot, I believe the input jack is a new switchcraft. The volume currently splits the humbuckers when UP. Full humbucker when down. I have the original potentiometers. I can also include a brand new regular CTS 500k potentiometer for the volume if you'd like, just ask.
- New cavity covers from Perle Guitars - trem cavity, electronics cavity, output jack cavity.
- Additional Humbucker-Single routed clear pickguard from Perle Guitars. This was custom ordered/made for this guitar. I can include a Fender 3 Way Switch if you want to swap it to HS when you get it.
- My 3D printed mini trem block system, 3D printed mount for tuner & Polytune Clip-on tuner. I also have a bigger version of the trem block I can find if you're interested. The Polytune Tuner is also included.

I will drive up to 2 hours to meet up at a guitar store or police station parking lot. I'm in North New Jersey.
I will ship CONUS fully insured. I will ship to Canada with full disclosure on value if you pay the shipping fees. No international unless you want to pay outrageous shipping prices.

If there are any questions I can answer, or you want to see pictures of anything else on this guitar then please message me and we can talk.

I'm not really looking for anything. Maybe an Ibanez RG8550MZ in blue, but I'm selling this to directly buy another guitar.
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