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Up for sale is 1991 RG 550 in Purple Neon. The guitar is in good condition though it's a player so it has some dings and nicks (not too many) and fretboard wear. Neck pocket has typical cracks: a hairline on the treble side and a bigger one on the bass side (I had it glued while setting up the guitar last time, though it was there at the time I bought the guitar 3 years ago and it didn't seem to grow since). Frets still have plenty of life in them, Edge trem is in very good condition, all electronics works well. All pickups were swapped for DiMarzios: set of Gravity Storms with True Velvet in the middle. New Hosco YM-50 5-way switch. Trem arm included.

I tried to picture all the nicks and wear, see pics here:


Can include good condition non-Ibanez hard case. Will ship worldwide. Asking $550 shipped and paypal'ed. $450 if shipping disassembled in a smaller box (w/o hard case).
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