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I have TWO 1992 Ibanez 442r Radius guitars, one in Cherry Sunburst (CS) and the other in Tobacco Sunburst (TS). Exceedingly rare guitars and very cool if you always wanted a maple fretboard on an Alder JS body.


Here's links to two separate photobucket albums:

442R CS (Cherry Sunburst):

442R TS (Tobacco Sunburst):

the 442R TS (Tobacco Sunburst) has stock pickups. I put chrome ALLPARTS pickup covers on the neck and middle pickups but i still have the original pickup covers and they're in good shape. The cover for the trem springs is original but a little warped for some reason.

the 442R CS (Cherry Sunburst) does NOT have stock pickups. The bridge pickup is a creme and black DiMarzio Bluesbucker, the middle pickup is a DiMarzio single coil and the neck pickup is, I believe, the original stock pickup. The neck and middle pickups have creme Dimarzio pickup covers. I currently have a creme tone knob on the guitar but I can put the original black tone knob back on it. the cover for the trem springs is not original.

The single coil pickups in both guitars are real single coils, NOT stacked humbuckers. They're very strat-y sounding.

the 442R TS is not setup with the trem floating and i do NOT have the trem arm for it. The 442R CS is set up to float and I DO have the trem arm for it.

Both are set up nicely, though not professionally, with .009 gauge D'Addario XL strings. I don't see fret wear on either guitar. No divots or flattened out frets and no signs of a fret level. They both look really great on the neck, fretboard and fretwear front.

Another cool thing is that apparently, when Joe Satriani modified the Radius shape for his JS signature model, Ibanez in turn modified their Radius model to have the same body as the JS. I think the JS is slightly smaller than the original 540R body and the curves are just a little different. Hence, the 1992 442R really is like having an alder JS body with a strat like floating bridge and a maple board..

I think the 442R CS Cherry Sunburst would look awesome with red pickup covers and a red DiMarzio Fred (or Mo Joe) in the bridge. Both guitars get very Strat-y tones.

I'm asking $792 shipped for each guitar

OR $1442 shipped for BOTH guitars.

Feel free to PM me with offers and I'll consider them.
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