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FS: 1995 RG570CTTB

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I'm selling my oddly unique RG570. What makes the 95 RG570CT stand out is that it has an Alder body, Pau Ferro fretboard, and Wizard II neck. The flame top is "Gravure" (otherwise known as printed) but looks great. The two humbuckers have been replaced with DiMarzio's and I THINK they are Air Norton and Tone Zone but I'm not 100% sure. Also, they're not F-spaced which looks fine in the neck position but is obvious in the bridge position. I have 2 completely unused Ibanez V6F's off my RG1421F I can include if this is an issue. The guitar is in good condition overall. There is some finish wear on the trem and a spot on the front that looks like a chip repair maybe. It's hard to tell cause I can't see any damage, just a small raised drop of clear (I'll get a good pic later). It's a great guitar but I've been wanting a JS really bad so this is my sacrifice in order to not anger my wife ;) Especially since I'm also about to pickup a super-cheap Jem7dbk project guitar as well (she doesn't know about this one yet...)

This guitar also comes with UV1000 case with a broken lock (good condition otherwise)

$500 + shipping

Will also entertain trading this guitar + up to $600 for the following: JS1600, JS1000, JS1200, JS6, any JP, or any J-Custom


I'll try to get more detailed pics tonight or tomorrow morning.

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Here are the pics I promised (sorry it took so long):


It was hard getting a picture of the "drop" of clear since it's nearly invisible except as a raised dot.

Any interest in selling the case seperately? PM me?
Not at this time. Thanks for the offer though, I'll PM you if something changes :)

I had originally heard on Jemsite that the 95 RG570CT had a Pau Ferro fingerboard (and it's definitely different than the 3 other Rosewood Ibanez guitars I've owned as well as the 2 Fenders I've owned with Rosewood fingerboards). But I too saw the "Rosewood" spec in the 1995 catalog posted on Rich's site. So in my search for verification I found out that Pau Ferro is also known as Bolivian Rosewood and figured that explained it. If anyone wants, I can take higher quality comparative photos to the RG1421, JEM7DBK, and off-brand Strat copy that I have here to show how different it is. The grain is a lot tighter and feels like ebony. Also, the grain pattern is very different as well.
No problem :) Let me know if there is anything I can do.


Ended up selling it back to the guy I bought it from who had regretted letting it go before.
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