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FS 1999 Ibanez RG520QS

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Item for sale: Ibanez RG520QS blue-ish/green color

Description & Condition: Good condition, extremely playable

Asking Price: $450 obo

My Location: Arkansas

Terms of Sale/Purchase:

Other Information: I changed the pups to a PAF and EVO
but pulled them out and was going to make a sustainer, but decided
I wouldn't chop this guitar up, so I'm gonna sale it and find something else.
I put some new trem post on it and new trem springs. The pups have been removed but come with the guitar...stock V7 and V8. Trem has some pitting on the palm rest area, and tuners slightly faded from typical handling. Never gigged and unsmoked, one chip on the body and one on the headstock, I can give you pics upon request....o and a few buckle scratches on the rear.
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This is a picture I have taken
The guitar is not tuned up and one pickup is back in the guitar,
see description for more info on this.
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Check my description, the guitar is detuned 'cause
I changed the pickups, installed new trem post, and springs
.....that's why it has the slack
Hi thanks for the reply OME, but Im looking for something that hasnt really been messed with much. and it seems that if I bought this guitar I would have to spend additional money to get it set up the way I want and that is gonna put me way over my range for this model guitar.
The guitar is being sold as one piece, everything is put together and tuned
up, but for a set-up to your specs may not be the same as my specs
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