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Ibanez RG570

all original hardware and electronics (except 1 pickup ring screw and a tuner at the headstock and tone pot needs to be resoldered however, at the moment it's unwired).
Wizard neck (3 piece maple with bubinga skunk stripe reinforcement).
original edge.

as far as I know, I am the third owner of this guitar. when I received it, it was in pretty bad shape. the bridge stud anchors were wobbling slightly in the wood, so I had that fixed. posts are locked down, but i think the posts could be replaced, they look kinda worn. the bridge is in super clean condition and the knife edges are surprisingly clean, neat and sharp for a 10 year old guitar. i'm guessing the previous owners were not huge whammy abusers. some saddles have usual wear from wrist movement and there's some pimpling on the bass side, but it works perfectly. no rust. 3 springs in the back, comes with block lock and a brand new whammy bar too. i don't use the whammy and have kept the bridge locked though as I wanted a hardtail RG. i will ship it unlocked though.

the guitar has a few big dents in it as shown in the pics, but they obviously do not affect the playability or tone. guitar has a very thick finish. there are the usual neck pocket cracks too, although they do not reach into the wood of the body. there is also the usual crack near the nut bolts in the neck which i tried to capture, but it's so small you can barely see it. would not even be worth trying to repair unless it gets bigger. does not affect anything.

not much else to say, it's a stock Ibanez RG570 that has been someone's favourite for a while. plays great though, the neck compares well to my Wizard Prestige and has a lot of fret life in it still. set up with very low action, 10-46 gauge. neck is straight as an arrow. no hard case included.


last 4 pics from previous owner.

$425 US, would prefer an australian buyer though.
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