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Item for sale: 2000 American Strat

Description & Condition: Good condition. A few light scratches which can easily be buffed out. Also 1 volume and tone knob need to will need replacing soon since the thread inside the plastic I believe is weariung out. I am selling this because I'm in debt(credit and driving tickets) and I need to sell off some stuff.

Asking Price: $525 shipped with case(anywhere in the 48 states, no international shipping)

My Location: Long Beach, CA

Terms of Sale/Purchase: Payment must be made thru PayPal(MUST HAVE A CONFIRMED ADDRESS) or money order

Other Information: This is a killer guitar. You don't see too many black/black strats with a maple neck. This thing would look and sound sweet with some EMG's or duncans. I am a reputable seller, if you'd like to see my feedback at ****, my username is "drkillpatient21"(same as here) Here are some pics...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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