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This is a 2001 RG550 with the all-access neck joint. I swapped the edge trem block out for a bell brass replacement part but will include the original part in the case. This guitar is (for an older Ibanez RG) in very good condition. The only defects are some pick scratching on the pickguard, a few tiny (I and I mean TINY) edge chips and 2-3 little dings in the top behind the trem (probably from someone trying to change strings). There is also one scratch on the back of the guitar between the trem cover plate and neck plate and the usual corrosion beginning on the trem.
No cracks/wear/issues with neck. All original electronics work perfectly. Comes with the Ibanez ABS case. I just have too many superstrat guitars and this one has to go.
$640 shipped in the continental US.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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