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For Sale: 2003 Ibanez RG8527 J-Custom Vintage Violin SN: 32040

Very very good condition. Comes with UV1000 case and Schaller Straplocks installed. Has only minor swirl scratching on the back. Black painted metal cavity covers are showing wear. Front and sides of body are flawless. Bridge is in very good shape. no pitting, but finish is slightly rubbing from palm muting. red plastic string things on the under side of bridge were removed to block the trem. I have all 7 red plastic pieces, but only 6 of the screws that hold them to the trem. Should be a $.50 replacement. That and the original strap pins are all that is missing. Pickups are showing slight wear. Everyhting is in perfect working order. Needs a setup and general maintenance, but is still in very good condition.

I've lost the love for trem systems on guitars, so this has been unplayed for quite sometime. It's time to give it a new home.

$1350.00 shipped to anywhere in continental USA

Feel to post or PM any questions or other pic requests.

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