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Item for sale:
2003 Ibanez RGT3120 Prestige in transparent Brown.

Top of the line RG neck thru guitar. Maple thru neck, volute behind the nut, mahogany "wings", flame maple top. PAF Pro humbuckers. Edge Pro trem. M100C Case.

Absolutely new. No dings whatsoever, zero fretwear, no hardware fading at all. HAs the original cardboard case, tags, paperwork...just like the factory shipped it.

Asking Price:
1300 US + shipping. I know this is a little steep for USA, but reasonable for other markets. Anyway, haggling is allowed ;) Contact me at caprile -at- gmail dot com

My Location:
Santiago de Chile. Far, but I have sold guitars to jemsiters without problems.

Terms of Sale/Purchase:
Wire transfer or Western Union. I believe wire is a lot cheaper!

Other Information:
Pics here:http://caprile.mi-pagina.cl/IbanezRGT3120/RGT3120.html
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