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Up for sale is my 2008 1960 Historic G0 reissue Goldtop. Purchased this beauty a few months ago, and long story short, got an MIII reissue the same week that ended up being the surprise guitar of a lifetime. Sacrilegious though it may be, I've played this guitar for all of a couple of hours since purchasing it as it's been sitting in the case waiting for me to put down the MIII and swap the pickups out to my typical Doug Aldrich set. Neither of those things are happening any time soon, and I'm adding a studio room on to my house, so rather than having this amazing instrument sit unplayed, I'm putting her up for sale so she can find a loving home.

This guitar started it's life as a vintage darkburst limited run G0, and was later professionally refinished in THIN nitrocellulose lacquer, then aged/reliced by RS Guitarworks in Winchester, KY (and I mean professionally; the work they did on this guitar is phenomenal). The guitar is naturally checked in an amazingly even pattern all across the top and back, the finish is greening in some areas, and it has all of the appropriate wear that would be expected from a truly vintage instrument; dings, a little buckle wear etc. Even the "Gibson" logo is yellowed and has checking. No details were overlooked in the aging process. The case and guitar somehow even SMELL legitimately vintage.

The serial number on the guitar is 8 001 indicating that it was either the very first guitar from the entire Gibson Historic production line for 2008, or at least the very first of the limited G0 run. When it comes to Les Pauls, this one really is one of the GREAT ones. It is extremely resonant unplugged, and sounds absolutely gorgeous plugged in. Talk about the fabled "Les Paul tone"; this guitar has it in spades. In terms of sheer musical warmth and tone, this is absolutely the best sounding Les Paul I've ever played.

The neck is slightly thicker and rounder than my three early 90's LP Classics, so it is NOT the thinnest 1960 slim taper neck I've ever played, so I believe people that prefer the 59 profile or the thinner 60's profiles could all get along with it quite well.

- Weight is 9.2lbs according to my postal scale
- Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF's
- RS Vintage Wiring kit
- Jensen PIO Caps
- Grover Rotomatics
- Aged Hardware (bridge has Hex key set screws on it, so I'm unsure of the brand)
- Black Aged Plastics
- Aged Knobs
- Frets are 95 percent

If the black plastics ala Pagey and Bonamassa aren't your thing, I do have a set of Creamtone creme plastics that aren't aged, that I can include for an additional $35.00

Includes OHSC along with Gibson and RS Guitarworks certificates of authenticity.

$2800 shipped and fully insured inside the US when paid by paypal gift, postal money order, bank transfer or other cash type payment option where there are no fees for me, or add 3% for normal Paypal. I will ship outside the US, but buyer is responsible for all shipping, insurance, customs and import fees, etc.

I am generally NOT interested in trades, unless you have a 2013 Gibson MIII reissue in the Lime or Orange finish, in which case I would consider a partial trade plus cash deal since I just can't get enough of MIIIs.

Full album with 50+ images can be found here: Gibson G0 Aged Goldtop - Album on Imgur

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Hi DaylightDies, I have been trying to locate this instrument (not stolen) but let her get away in a trade. I found it again yesterday on Reverb.com (sold) and MyLesPaul (sold) and finally here. I owned it around 2009 or 2010. I upgraded it with Lindy Fralin Pure PAF's, Emerson Custom Controls, and Jonsey Blues 50's braided wiring. She had the white plastics when I owned her. Just trying to see if it would be for sale again, since it has been bought and sold so many times. If you still own it, or know the whereabouts, please let me know. You could verify by Facebook Jimmy Brown Jasper, Texas (add friend) to view my albums. Thanks in advance Jimmy
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