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FS: 540R–LTD Jewel Blue w/Edge trem, HSH, & case

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I'm finally selling a guitar, instead of just adding to the herd. Specifically, a '91 540R-LTD in Jewel Blue with an Edge trem and the Ultra neck, with full binding and the killer shark tooth inlays.

$425, plus actual shipping to the ConUS, and it's yours. US Postal money orders preferred, but Paypal is gladly accepted, too. Just don't like their fees, lol. You can see my rating at "that" site as mr2edh.

Please check the link below for 20 pics and lots [probably too much] more info: i.e. Late '90 serial number for a model that came out in '91; Edge trem instead of LoPro that '91's are supposed to have; an Ultra neck, not the Wizard neck that came on the '92-'93 LTD's, etc., as well as the condition of the guitar, of course.

Dial-up users note; the pix are not thumbnails. They are full sized and anywhere from 75-220kb each. So, it'll take some time to load the page. Sorry, I'm a total newbie at pages and realized too late how thumbnails should be done. And after all that teeth pulling, I'm too beat to do it all over, properly. Once again, I'm sorry 'bout that. Just right click and "save as" to download and be able to view full size. I can also take more specific pix to email, if needed.

http://www.geocities.com/edwoodca/540R-LTDp1.html [pop up, unfortunately, but at least you can shrink the right column's advertisements.]

Fedex Ground from 91754 [L.A., Calif.] to Bangor, Maine will be $24.97 with Direct Signature Required, $500 declared value; 20 lbs, in an OS1 box of 17.5" x 6" x 46.5".
Nearer zip codes can be even less. i.e. Denver = $14.95 per http://www.fedex.com/ratefinder/home?cc=US&language=en
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The site already ran out of bandwidth :(

Could you e-mail me some of the pictures?

ankalar [at] earthlink [dot] net

Sure thing, ankalar.
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