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FS: '87 RG550, Black, Black pickguard. *ALL NEW ELECTRONICS AND PICKUPS*

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Item for sale: '87 Ibanez RG550, black w/ black pickguard, rosewood fingerboard, all NEW pickups and high quality wiring and electronic parts.

Description & Condition: Body has dings, but all considered, very good shape for it's age. Neck is great!!

Asking Price: $430 shipped. (+3% for pay pal)

My Location: Fair Lawn, NJ Zip: 07410

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I accept pay pal (+3% service charge), or postal money orders. *No international sales. Lower 48 states only*

Other Information: Guitar is in fine shape for it's age. I personally installed all new pickups: Dimarzio PAF Pro neck, Dimarzio HS-2 middle, Duncan SH-5 (custom) bridge. I have also personally rewired the guitar with vintage style cloth covered wiring, new pots, new switch, new jack, all high quality. It needs a setup, but sounds great otherwise. Does not have a case, but I will pack it generously and meticulously. I can email pics upon request.

Please do not PM with offers, but email me at: [email protected]


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