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This is an original 1987 RG550RF (Road Flare Red), this was the year the ibanez rg guitar was introduced. It is in the rare colour Road Flare Red, this colour was only in production from 87-88 so there aren't many about. It is in very good condition with virtually no fret wear and the only mark to the paint is a chip about 1mm just above the bridge the paint is very vivid with no colour fade which alot of these guitars suffer from. The pickups have been replaced with kent armstrongs, ultra distortion in the bridge and a distortion in the neck with a hot single coil in the middle, the original pickups will be supplied as well. The neck is straight, thin and nice and fast to play. The the finish on the neck plate has some wear on it but that can be rectified or replaced very easily. It has just had a pro setup and plays very well. The bridge is the original edge unit in black with virtually no wear and has no pitting or peeling on the finish which is a rarety for this age. If you want one of these i doubt you will find one in better condition. Comes in hard case.
I would consider a p/x for a gibson sg standard or les paul standard
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