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I'm really struggling right now financially and am open to reasonable offers. Thank you.

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:

-Laney GH100L-
90's in excellent condition - You probably won't find any others from these years in this good shape. Head has been retubed(EL34B) and biased. No mods!

-GS212P 2x12 Cabinet-
90's in excellent condition - Pretty much impossible to find. All original.

-Ibanez AS120-
Believe it's a 96' (Will check serial number) This is in very good condition. It has the original Super 58 Pickups; stock wiring. No mods. There is however a blemish line under the first fret binding (See photos) I bought this guitar used knowing the flaw in the finish. Blemish/crack has not moved or expanded at all. Gonna miss this one, reminds me of my model 2630 Ibanez from the 70's.

Modifications (if any):

Accessories (hardshell case etc):
Guitar will ship with Epiphone case that was provided by previous owner.

Location (City,State or City,Country):
Rhode Island

International OK? :
Prefer USA only but will ship International.

Contact Info (No Phone #s)

References (eBay or other forum userid):
jemsite, ebay(mtech4u, and Reverb(The Gear Lounge)

Price (include currency and if firm/obo):
GH100L = $800USD plus shipping
GS212P = $450USD plus shipping
AS120 = $550USD plus shipping


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