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Hi All,

Not sure on specifics on this one... Might be a 93'.

Anyway, I bought this a year ago to make a PGM 12 String. Obviously that project never happened. Few things to note about this.

The Nut on the B String "I believe" needs a little tlc.. easy fix the string just slides out if you do string bending.

The Electronics need to be cleaned/looked over - Plugged into an amp the jack is funky.

Neck and Frets are SOLID! This was well built - Previous owner gave it some "love" dings/etc but I think its in pretty good shape cosmetically.

Here's the Gallery - http://postimg.org/gallery/1uzolv19u/

I'm asking $550 + Shipping and Insurance. I'd like to get what I purchased it for. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks!

Edit - No Case. I will pack and ship this very well! Buyer can request it shipped dismantled if desired.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts